Would like to build a log home in Tallahassee, FL


We would like to build a small log home in Tallahassee, FL. We don’t have the land and have poor credit due to a previous job loss. We do have 9K and are trying to start over. Our home in Orlando, Fl. is in the process of deed in leu due to the fact that it is 60k under water. Please help us. We can pay $1300 per month. Kind Regards, Cindy Howard


That’s a tough situation. You would almost certainly either need seller financing (which happens, but moreso on existing homes), or have to go to a hard money lender who would charge you an exorbident interest rate. Have you considered looking for a place to rent that might meet your needs? Since you have very minimal savings, no land, and no prospects of getting a conventional construction loan, I really have to recommend you look at other housing options for now.

Answered over 4 years ago
Ted Rood
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