Who is Responsible for the Mortgage if Someone Dies?


My husband and I own three homes, two of which are in both names. One of the homes is solely in his name (deed and mortgage). My questions to you is: if my husband were to die, am I responsible for this particular mortgage?


Lenders and banks usually will only lend money if all persons who have title to the property personally guarantee the loan. You do not mention whether or not you are on the mortgage documents, but my suspicion is that on the two homes you own jointly you are. And you would owe the money personally if your husband dies.

In the case of the last home in his name, his estate will owe the balance of the mortgage when he dies – and since you will inherit the property you will have to pay off the mortgage in order to get clear title. This does NOT mean (in all cases) you have to come up with money – you will probably be able to refinance this last home.

The short answer is yes.

Answered about 9 years ago
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