Which 30yr fixed rate is comparable to a USDA loan?


When I started the homebuying process rates were at 3.5%. I am quickly losing affordability of this home. I am due to close Oct. 1st and the builder has not poured my slab yet. I feel helpless watching this home slip away from me.


USDA loans are grouped into Ginnie Mae bond pools, along with FHA loans. While the rates are not identical, typically they will move in relatively the same degrees. Can certainly appreciate your dilemma, hopefully builder will get going soon (hard to think house will be done 10/1 if not started yet!), and at least rates have stabilized for the moment. I would certainly be in close contact with your builder, if he wants to sell you the house, he has to build it first!

Answered almost 4 years ago
Ted Rood
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