Where can Non profit organization find help with getting a lower interest rate for property?


Non profit organization is seeking help on getting a lower interest rate on their church.


Hi Debbie,

Just curious to know if your non profit already owns property and if so, if it was purchased as a non profit entity? If so, I’d suggest going back to your originating lender to see what they can do. If your current loan is FHA Insured, I can help you with some options. Let me know. Thank you.

Answered about 4 years ago
almost 4 years ago Ted Rood said:

Does FHA do loans on churches, Steve? Wasn’t aware that they did!


There are many brokers and lenders who specialize in church loans. I’d google “church loans” with your state, and you should have a number of options to start with.

Answered almost 4 years ago
Ted Rood
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