What is Fraud Prevention at ARA Fraud & Forensic Services?


At ARA Fraud & Forensic Services, a leading business fraud prevention and detection firm based in St. Louis, Missouri, the firm helps its clients with fraud prevention by establishing effective procedures to detect fraud, deter employees from unfavorable behaviors, and determine the best course of action for employee training and education. Fraud does not discriminate. Any business is an open target for employee theft. The ARA team can help you create the right loss prevention training and education, implement a program for operational controls, and introduce anti-fraud policies and procedures to help you protect yourself, your family and your employees from significant financial losses. The ARA team will help you build a customized, comprehensive employee fraud prevention program. ARA’s tools and techniques help our clients greatly reduce the odds of being a victim of fraud.

The ARA Approach: Prevention From The Inside Out helps clients create a fraud free environment:

1.Hire Ethical Employees – Teach business owners and human resource executives pre-hire screening techniques to find the best job candidates.

• Hire for Integrity Interviews

• Pre-employment background screening

2.Build a Strong Organizational Culture – Culture is extremely important in any organization and is crucial when it comes to preventing fraud.

• Employee surveys and round tables

• Set the “Tone at the Top”

• Leadership training

• Fraud training and awareness programs

• New hire orientation process

3.Implement and Enforce Policies and Procedures

• Develop a system of checks and balances

• Implement anti-fraud procedures including Code of Conduct, Ethics and Conflict of Interest policies

• Conduct random audits

• Perform Fraud Risk Assessments

4.Reporting and Reward System

• Implement a hotline system for employees to report fraud or HR issues

• Create a reward system for employees

ARA believes that training is instrumental to minimizing the opportunity for fraud to occur. Statistics show that by training employees you reduce the time to detect fraud by 50%. Training topics include but are not limited to:

• Understanding Occupational Fraud

• Preventing Fraud in Medical Practices

• Preventing Medicare Fraud

• Hire with Integrity

• Creating a Strong Organizational Culture

• Fraud Prevention Strategies

• Reading Body Language

• Fraud in Manufacturing

• Fraud in Construction

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