What is all about ScienceOpen?


More and more scientists are publishing their results online. And as a result, it’s becoming easier to link to new knowledge. A Berlin-based platform called ScienceOpen wants to tap into that.

“It’s really important for me that everyone gets immediate access to the wonderful work that scientists do,” says Stephanie Dawson. The Yale-educated biologist is the managing director for ScienceOpen, a research platform that went live this week.

“Access to this research is like a human right,” Dawson told DW. “After all, it’s all research funded with taxpayers' money.”

But it’s not only about who pays – it’s also about what gets done with the research, and who is allowed to work with it.

Then there are the traditional publishers of science research. They criticize online open access journals and portals for lacking editorial quality control.

It hasn’t stopped the trend towards open access in Europe, though.

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