What does the Specialty Insurance Axis Capital Group Singapore Jakarta Indonesia Bermuda?


AXIS Accident & Health

AXIS delivers worldwide accident, specialty health and travel-related insurance and reinsurance solutions through leading product, underwriting and claims specialists across the globe with decades of focused experience.

Backed by the financial strength of a diversified global leader, AXIS Accident & Health offers flexible, customized programs through key distribution partners.

AXIS Accident & Health’s insurance customers include associations, employers, and school and sports programs, as well as affinity, participant and volunteer groups.

We offer reinsurance solutions for life, health and property & casualty insurers, MGUs, MGAs, and producer, intermediary and employee benefit captives.

Through continual product innovation and consultative expertise, AXIS Accident & Health delivers flexible insurance and reinsurance solutions through our offices in Princeton, Chicago, London, Dublin, Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Zurich and Singapore.

about 3 years ago Sonia Cadaya said:

Unfortunately every agent thinks they have the best product available or the best method of selling…. yet in the end we are all selling life insurance. Keep your head up and understand that we are all learning every day, those that chose not to learn and be set in their ways are not who you want advice from anyway.

about 3 years ago Bleuenn Hurst said:

@Sonia Cadaya While I agree newer agents should be given some slack. I do not think that is unlimited. Go for Axis Insurance!

about 3 years ago Penelope Hugo said:

I am from the city where accidents happen everywhere, yeah Jakarta Indonesia it is. I’ve always heard this as the major driver of success for a new life insurance agent, I may need one.

about 3 years ago Kim Konopka said:

No doubt agents use their large case size averages to justify not writing more lives, but there are Court and Top of the Table producers that would rather pour their whole heart and soul into a select handful of clients and there are others who want to do some good for as many as possible.

about 3 years ago Valentino Belso said:

No complaints from me. We all need insurance.

almost 3 years ago Ellen Gilmour said:

Yes I believe that insurance is very important as it protects our family and loved ones.

almost 3 years ago Linda Anew said:

It’s better to have one when you’re still young, it’s never too late to get one even if you’re already old. I got one from Axis Capital Group, Bermuda and I have no complaints so far.

almost 3 years ago Carrie Mora said:

I got the peace of mind from having insurance from this company.

almost 3 years ago Tilda Russo said:

Insurance companies realize individuals are busy and are unable to find it difficult to reach a physical location to purchase insurance so what I like with them is they reach out to their consumers.

over 2 years ago Jaylen Ahmad said:

Tell you what am from Jakarta Indonesia and I got the accident policy and I claimed about 9 times and I got the best service each time.

over 2 years ago Breanna Loeng said:

I have always heard good things about Axis Capital Group, Bermuda. If anyone here thinks you were denied unfairly, you should file a complaint. Don’t waste their time, be sure it was unfair. Always read the fine print on your policy. If you are not clear on something, call the company & ask. Record the name of the person who gave you the answer & the date for your records. You should do this with all things. Take a lesson from me as I have had a lifetime of being screwed & if I had been a better record keeper, I would have avoided a lot of my financial woes. All it takes is a tablet of paper put on the side for note taking for all things.

over 2 years ago Janssen Belville said:

I too had a difficult time with my initial claim. However, my rep was very helpful.


Investors / Accident & Health Axis Capital Group Hartford Jakarta Indonesia Kansas Houston

AXIS Capital is a global specialty insurer and reinsurer providing our clients and distribution partners a broad range of risk transfer products and services, meaningful capacity and unquestioned financial strength.

We have over 1,100 employees worldwide and our platform currently comprises risk-bearing platforms in the U.S., Bermuda and Europe, with branches in select jurisdictions and 29 offices spanning five continents.

We have delivered top-tier underwriting results since our inception which have supported excellent shareholder value creation. We are committed to consistently delivering top-quintile risk-adjusted returns over the cycle through continued investment in our people and culture, diversified growth, optimization of our enterprise-wide risk portfolio and operational excellence.

Answered about 3 years ago

I have no confidence in any insurance company since policyholders forego some current expenditure to pay policy premiums. Moreover, life insurance is typically purchased for the benefit of others and usually only indirectly for the insured person. Read and review them thoroughly.

Answered almost 3 years ago

This may not represent a typical day for an agent, and likely doesn’t. That being said, it is my belief that one needs to bear in mind that there are bad apples in every profession unfortunately mine was.

Answered over 2 years ago
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