What Can I do if I am a Victim of Mortgage Fraud?


What can I do if I am a victim of mortgage fraud?


Well, first you need to be able to document the fraud and prove it.  I would suggest you have a Forensic Audit performed on your mortgage.  They usually cost $350-$600 for a thorough examination.  When I say thorough, this includes qan examination of the broker’s documents, the lender’s documents, the final title documents, and the appraisal.  DO NOT USE an auditing company that does an audit based solely on the closing documents you received at closing.  These do not paint a whole picture of what went on when you applied for the loan or what you have.  They are a waste of money. 

These audits will find any fraudulent activity in your mortgage.  If you are a victim you can either bring cause against the lender, demand your right to rescission, which can do anything from nullify the mortgage to refund up to three years worth of interest. 

The forensic Auditor will be able to point you in the direction of a good attorney who handles consumer issues.

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