The Koyal Group Private Training Services: Attorneys Use Private Investigators?


5 Ways Attorneys Effectively Use Private Investigators

Attorneys are apt to learn a number of research techniques and litigation skills over the years, but in many cases, they’re limited by time and resources in what they can do. With the help of an experienced private investigator, sometimes known as a legal investigator in this instance, both parties benefit. The PI gets a chance to hone their investigative skills and the attorney receives information essential to their case.

After being hired by an attorney, legal investigators can:

  1. Track down individuals who may be important to a certain case, or who may have valuable information regarding information such as corporate misconduct.

  2. Locate key information and sources that can be helpful to the litigation or situation that can make a difference in the settlement of a case.

  3. Uncover assets such as real estate, valuable property, vehicles, and domestic or offshore bank accounts. (Court orders or permission from account holders may be needed to access details in depth.)

  4. Assemble a report with information like behavioral tendencies, background, and witness information, all of which can be valuable for cross-examination and the litigation of a case.

  5. Retrieve electronic documents that may have been deleted from a computer or other device. Investigators are often asked to analyze emails, documents and other files. Are you interested in becoming a legal investigator? The National Investigative Training Academy, Inc. (NITA) offers classes like Surveillance Basics and can help you understand more about this specialty.

The Koyal Group Private Training Services designs its online and on-site training to your particular needs, providing information you can apply while in training in order to reinforce the efficiency of that information. Our coursework qualifies state standards both for fraud and continuing-education upgrade. Our programs are adaptable and can be presented in various formats to address industry requirements and standards. Please visit and check our course listings.

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