Represented Buyer vs. Unrepresented Buyer


What is the difference between a unrepresented buyer and a represented buyer?


A represented buyer has a buyers agent as his or her real estate agent. Most real estate agents are sellers agents. They do disclose this in the fine print in the" sellers agreement". They will still sell you a home.

A buyers agent represents you the buyer and may work harder to negotiate favorable terms when a sale is procured.

Many agents wear two hats calling themselves disclosed dual agents. Disclosed dual agents recently started to list homes and check the box where you indicate who you represent, “seller” when they meet with the seller. They then get a call on the listing and sign a disclosure with the prespective buyer as “dual agent”. They represent the seller and get the entire 6% when the home sells. I’m my Boston market and that is about $30,000 on a $500k home.

Answered over 9 years ago
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