Read the Meter to See How Much Power My House is Using


Is there a way to read the meter to tell how much power my house is using?


Yes. Just look at the meter.
Write down the 5 digit number on the meter. The next day around the same time write down the new 5 digit number on meter and subtract the number from the previous day. This will tell you how meter kilowatts you are using. Look on your bill , and compare it the daily average kilowatt number. You can call your local pg&e company and they can tell you how to save. They can even tell you how to read the number. Kilowatts is for electricity. I am not sure how to read the gas meter.

I started reading the kilowatts daily, and I was able to lower my electricity bill by $225.00 dollars per month. I hope this helps you.

Answered about 9 years ago
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