My mortgage has been sold. Can the new company require I now buy collateral insurance if this was


not required under the original mortgage agreement?


Homeowners (aka hazard) insurance is always required when there is a mortgage against a property. If it wasn’t, and the house burned down, the lender would have no means to recover their losses. If you’re referring to flood insurance, that is determined based on FEMA flood zone maps, which do change occasionally. If you are referring to flood insurance, it’s possible that your old lender did not catch that you’re now in a flood zone, and the new one did. On homeowners, you should already have had coverage for your protetion and your lenders!

Answered 9 months ago
Ted Rood
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If the lender finds out that your homeowners insurance coverage has expired because of non-payment (or they did not receive proof of payment) then they can require you to immediately pay for insurance and often provided by their carriers at a much higher rate. If you are not in an escrow program, you will need to email or fax proof of coverage to satisfy mortgage requirements.

Answered 8 months ago

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