My landlord is renting to me despite having a mortage that doesn't allow for this condition?


What should I do if I have discovered that I am renting from a landlord that is committing fraud by renting to me as well as listing the residence I am renting from him as his primary?


Well, your landlord is certainly opening himself up to a number of issues by misrepresenting his occupancy. Whether you want to do anything about it would certainly be a decision to weigh carefully as it could potentially result in a move for you. Might be worth a free consultation with a local attorney to weigh your options. Legal advice never a bad idea when it comes to legal matters!

Answered over 2 years ago
Ted Rood
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The legal burden lies on the property owner, not you. If the mortgage company finds out, they could demand payment of the loan in full. This could simply create a refinance situation for the property owner with no effect to your tenancy. Even if the lender takes a more serious approach, you did not break the law – he did.

As long as the landlord is living up this his end of the lease agreement, I personally would shut my eyes to the situation and let the chips fall as they may down the road. Meanwhile, enjoy the place that you are renting.

Answered about 2 years ago
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