Multiple Realtors to Sell Your Home


Can you have multiple realtors when selling your home? If so, how does this work? And who would get the commision?


The answer is yes and here is how you do it. First you would have to find a Realtor that would be willing to take an “ Open Listing”. In an open listing you hire a Realtor that simply lists your property in the local MLS. The open listing agreement is a non exclusive agency meaning that you are not obligated to pay the listing agent commission unless he procures the buyer.

In the MLS listing you may offer a commission to the “ selling agent” (buyer’s agent). Typically the commission offered to the selling agent is 3%. You may offer less such as 2.5% or less, however you may not get as many showings of your home from Realtors with a reduced commission.

Answered over 9 years ago
Mortage Guy
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