Mortgage companies and attorney dropped the ball


I had a bk in 2009 and never received reaffirmation paperwork for my house. I called my mortgage company, sent emails, snailmail and did the same to my attorney. I tried looking it up on but the only things mentioned were my name, words chapter 7 bk, my social security number and western division no matter where I look. The word reaffirmation does not show up anywhere

To make matters worse my old mortgage company sold to another company who has also denied getting or sending my reaffirmation.

I have tried everything that I could to get the problem taken care and was finally told by one of the people that I have attempted to deal with that it works for my advantage if I don’t have the paperwork.Since it has never been important to them I have stopped caring.

For various personal reasons I need to move and would like to know if there could be another site to find my bk information? I need to move for various reasons and would like to know if I will be ble to do so without a too much of a hassle since they didn’t want to put my name on a reaffirmation.

Thanks in advance.


This could work to your advantage. First I would run a credit report on yourself and see if the BK shows up. Second, I would go down to the Register of Deeds office with your property ID number and pull up the recent documents that have been recorded on your home. This will show you what has been recorded against you and the house. Based on that status, you will know how to proceed.

If the title only shows the recorded mortgage and that the title is still in your name and there are not any foreclosure documents, you should be able to sell the house and simply pay off the mortgage and then move on with your life.

Answered almost 3 years ago
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