Information In Your Credit Report


What is in my credit report?


Your credit report can contain many different pieces of information depending on which CREDIT REPORTING COMPANY collates it. It’s important to note that the CREDIT BUREAUS (experian, transunion, equifax) are not credit reporting companies. They are repositories.

The repositories collect and provide information submitted to them from creditors and public records. Every time you apply for, open, use, close an account, etc…, they will likely have a record of all of that.

If the credit reporting company that produces your report is one of the more thorough ones, the following is a list of many of the aspects you could expect to see on a credit report:

  • Name

  • Date of Birth

  • Names used to apply for credit in the past

  • addresses used in the past

  • employers listed

  • whether or not an account has been disputed

  • all public record information such as bankruptcy, judgments, and liens.

  • a list of anyone who has extended you credit or pulled your credit, or even looked at your credit in the last 10 60 days to 10 years depending on the company.

  • a complete list of your active and inactive credit accounts including car loans, credit cards, mortgages, collections, student loans, and much more.

  • Details on those accounts such as current balance, maximum balance, highest balance, monthly payment, date opened, date of last reporting, how many times late, how late, current status, worst status in the past, type of account, account number, and more!

There’s a lot of information in your credit report. You should go over it with a fine tooth comb some day and make sure it is all accurate.

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Matthew Graham
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