How to keep a home rent for X years without lose the tax exclusion?


I have lived a home for a long time, and converted it to rental last year after moved out. I prefer to keep the house in the family and continue renting it more than 3 years, but don’t want to lose the tax exclusion on the gain built up before rental. Is there any solution?

9 months ago Manuel Piceno said:

your question is best posted on a tax/estate planning website. Most of us mortgage guys aren’t qualified to answer that question.

7 months ago Fahmi Se said:

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Manuel is correct that a tax adviser is best suited to answer your question (or even the IRS tax code itself), but believe you have to have occupied a home as your primary residence for 3 of the last 5 years to qualify for the capital gains exclusion when selling the home. You could certainly rent it out for a while, then move back in, if you anticipate having gains you wish to avoid raising your taxes.

Answered 9 months ago
Ted Rood
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