How does Cash for Keys Work?


How does Cash for Keys work?


Due to the fact that many people being foreclosed on will “trash” the house upon eviction – the lender will authorize the company/real estate agent to offer “cash” to the owners for leaving the place “presentable”.  I’ve seen here (Arizona) about $1,500 to $2,500.

Generally the Realtor will do a final inspection as the now previous owners are out the door — no hole in the walls,  no cement in the toilets, no ripped out ceiling fans, cabinets and appliances etc.  Then “here’s your check”.

Even minor “damage” creates a major headache to the lender — as they are not really setup to make repairs — and they're typically already are losing a significant amount of money.  Damage may also prevent someone else (a new buyer) from being able to get financing on the home due to both lender and HUD guidelines.  Presenting cash for keys is a good incentive for the previous owner to “ leave quietly”.

Answered over 8 years ago
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