Glad it was Axis


This was our first loan. We purchased a car and it was financed through Axis Capital, a group of companies based in London, It was last year when we were on our second payment and we had a particular due date, because we went to a trip in Jakarta, Indonesia. We were late by 2-3 days. We had received just one phone call in the third day, which I presume is not normal for a credit company. Normally they would call numerous times.

I came home one time with a letter on my front door. My husband was infuriated over such a reaction from the credit company after being less than a week late on a payment but later on, upon reading the letter, the anger vanished. The letter was from Axis. We had a pretty good idea that it was indeed from them. There is or was a particular employee there that I had spoken with during those first 3 days of being late. He was extremely courteous and professional. There was one conversation where he called and was demanding we pay but not in any rude manner. It was very clear to me what kind of business this was within that first conversation. I cannot recall the words that were said, but I do recall how this person made me feel. I remember him talking friendly at me a couple of times, which I thought was so absurd to refuse to answer any time they called. I felt like they were concern of what is happening to us rather than their money.

Maybe if we made a loan to other company it will be as if we were 3 or 6 months behind on a loan. Maybe what could have happened is, we have since paid off the loan. We asked them to change his name about 3 or 4 times and they still hadn’t changed it. AND it is SO difficult to pay them. You would think with how threatening and demanding these people are to get their money that there would be an easier way to pay. They are only open regular business hours, to which my husband and I both work. You can only pay by going IN TO the location, which is entirely too far away from our home – or with money order. There is NO other option. NEVER AGAIN. There should really be something done about this company – from a legal standpoint.

Glad we went for Axis Capital, a group of companies based in London.

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