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Can you tell me how I can go about finding real estate seminars in Canada?


Whether you’re a real estate broker, investor, developer or just a person looking to purchase your first home, one of the most popular ways to stay on top of the market and find out more about the real estate industry is to participate in a real estate seminar, conference or class. These programs are widespread, particularly in the U.S. But for Canadian brokers, investors and homebuyers, they can be difficult to find. This guide should help provide a starting point for those who are looking for real estate seminars in Canada.

First, there are several real estate clubs and organizations that are open for membership throughout Canada, such as the Real Estate Action Group (, the Canada Real Estate Investment Group (, the Alberta Real Estate Investment Network ( and the Ottawa Real Estate Investment Organization ( These organizations offer online and in-person Canadian real estate seminars and classes, as well as a variety of print and e-book publications that specialize in the Canadian market. Some require membership and annual dues to participate; others are free. Visit their web sites for more information.

Another place to find some great real estate seminars in Canada is through your local building association, such as the Greater Vancouver Home Builders' Association ( They often offer classes and seminars on home-buying and real estate construction that are free or low cost to the public.

The Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation is also a good resource. For instance, they offer Housing Outlook Conferences, which provide facts, analysis and forecasts on current housing market trends throughout Canada and make for good informational networking opportunities for realtors, appraisers, developers and investors. The corporation also has an extensive informational library, which is a fabulous resource for doing your own research on the Canadian housing market. Information on this and other programs is available online at, and is offered for both English speaking and French speaking Canadian citizens.

Lastly, yet another great consumer resource is Real Estate Magazine, “Canada’s premier business publication for the real estate industry.” Their web site ( offers online articles regarding available classes and seminars throughout Canada, and also provide news, marketing information and opinion columns for those interested in a “self-study” approach.

If you’re a licensed real estate agent in Canada, you can find information on continuing education, designation courses and property management modules at the Real Estate Institute of Canada web site, They offer in-person, online and home study courses in several areas of real estate, including investing, negotiations, real estate law, technology, broker management, risk assessment, finance and more. Also, try the Canadian Real Estate Association at for information on building your real estate business. Lastly, is a wonderful resource for licensed agents to find information on continuing education, conventions, seminars and classes.

Regardless of your specific interest, rest assured that there is a real estate seminar or course out there designed for everyone-no matter where you live. If you’re still having trouble locating a real estate seminar near you, be sure to try the above online resources. The tips and information they provide should give you a good place to start.

Answered over 11 years ago

One of the best Canadian Real Estate Investors training is World Wealth Builders and their original Canadian Real Estate Investors club Professional Real Estate Investors Group (PREIG) CanadaThey have been serving Canadians since 1993.

There training is lot more practical and their focus is on pre foreclosures, tax sales, sheriff sales, liens etc. They also provide excellent info about Canadian forgivable grants and rebates for Real Estate.

Answered over 4 years ago
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