Find Information on a Mortgage Taken Out in My Name


A mortgage was taken out in my name. how do i find it and all the information about it. and find its location?


Wow, in these days of verification it would be very difficult for someone to pose as you and take out a loan in your name completely without your knowledge.

Depending upon where you live, these records will be kept at a local, county, or state registry. If you think it is probably a local home, begin by searching online for the “BLANK County Registry of Deeds”, or call your town hall to see where records may be kept. You can generally look by name as well as property to find out what has been recorded.

If the loan is still active, or was recent, it will appear on your credit report. The property address may well appear as a former or current address that you do not recognize. You can get a copy of your credit report FREE, without being “sold” anything, using the government sponsored site You can then see which lender is collecting (or attempting to collect) payments on this loan. The account number should appear as well. Contact the lender, and request a copy of your loan documents – your statement, your Note, your escrow and payment history. These documents will be available to you if your social security number is affiliated with the property. If the customer service agent will not allow you access by phone (they often use the property address to verify that it is your account), you may have to submit a written request. You can, at the same time, challenge the account with the credit bureaus.

You may also be able to enlist the assitance of MERS, the mortgage electronic registration system, or a subscriber of MERS, to check for active loans in your name. Generally this information is for subscribers, but you may be able to find a way to harness their database for this particular purpose – doesn’t hurt to ask: If this loan truly does not belong to you and has been associated with your social security number, consider taking legal action. Consult an attorney familiar with identity theft and real estate in your area.

Answered about 7 years ago

The simplest answer would be to pull your credit

If the credit shows a liability for a mortgage that is not yours you can find the account number, name, address, and phone number of the lender (or possibly the servicer) and start the investigation from there. 

If they do show a mortgage in your name that is not yours ask them to produce the signed documents and match them to your signature.  Also, you may want to contact the notary (who’s name should be on the stamp on the docs) and also check with him/her to see what happened.

If there is no mortgage on the credit that is a good start but does not necessarily mean you are in the clear and it would be prudent to spend a few bucks to contact an attorney for counsel.

There are other steps you can take in the course of your investigation but as I am not an RE lawyer I am not at liberty to make those recommendations at this time.

Answered about 7 years ago
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