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What are the current mortgage rates?


Current mortgage rates vary daily.

You can see Mortgage News Daily’s market commentary to keep up to date with current mortgage rates here.

In general, there is a certain standard deviation that rates stay within during a given week, month, year, decade, etc…

In the last several years, rates have been in the same 2% range (roughly).

Also, there are so many different types of mortgages that the rate is always going to depend on the features of the loan. For instance, if someone has 20% down, excellent credit, lots of assets, and lots of income, their rate will almost always be considerably lower than someone with no down payment, no assets, a low credit score, etc…

Since the industry standard is a 30 year fixed mortgage, that’s what most people discuss. Depending on the lender and on origination costs, the very best 30 year fixed rates are under 6%. More challenging loans might be as high as 9.5% on the same day.

You should always consult an experienced professional when finding out what rates you qualify for.

MND is a great source to find out what today’s mortgage rates are.

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