Document Review Services: The Avanti Group Law Articles


Successful litigators know that document production and discovery management requires a well-planned and meticulous analysis of relevant documents as the only way to develop the key factual evidence and build the evidentiary foundation of a winning case.

Avanti’s Document review services are provided at the direction of, and for review by, attorneys. Our document review and litigation outsource service include:

• Electronic Document Review

• Hard Copy Document Review

• Audio and Media File Review

• Deposition Transcript Summaries

• Due Diligence Review

• Contract Review

Typical engagements include:

• Standard or subjective reviews for relevance, privilege, confidentiality and issue coding determinations.

• Evaluation of documents to determine relevant summary information, such as key topics of the case, important people, specific vocabulary and jargon, and important individual documents.

• Organization of collected documents.

• Legal Review of Spanish written documents

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