divorce raises need for proof of purchase


I purchased my first home in 1990 in cash prior to my marriage. We have since purchase two additional homes, the first providing the down for the second, the second for the third. All the settlement papers along with the cancelled check that was issued to the seller of the property through my father’s credit union where he held this money (as a result of a medical suit on my behalf) are missing. My question is wouldn’t a copy of this be on some electronic or microfiche at the credit union? If so, what position at the credit union do I approach regarding this? Thank you.


Not sure who you’d ask at the credit union, but would think it would be fairly easy to inquire there. If it was your father’s account, he might have to be the one to contact them. You could also check with the title company or attorney who handled your closing(s) as they may have a copy of the settlement statement and cashier’s check that would show where the down payment funds came from.

Answered about 1 year ago
Ted Rood
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Proof of ownership should also be indicated by the recorded deeds on the property. They will indicate the date of transfer and the legal owners of the property. It should also disclose the purchase price. If there is not all the information that you need, I would recommend contacting the title company that handled the closing to see if they have the records.

Answered 12 months ago

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