Course of action after seller backed out very complicated.


I have an agent.Signed a contract with a 30 day due diligence. Seller was sent agreement and communicated they were in agreement to my agent and would return the contract signed.In the mean time buyer met with the farmer that has planted crops on said property identified himself as the buyer and entered a verbal agreement to pants his crops with a understanding to amend a previous agreement for a contract that he had with me, that he gave to to him and he said he would return it.Buyer now backs out, contract was never sent back to my agent, and I now have a farmer who has planted his crops on my property and all he has is a verbal contract with a buyer who has backed out.Agent tells me I have no course of action but to re-list the property because they do not have the the contract.I don’t know, all this time, due diligence expired.I held up my end and now I have a farmers crops on my property have to re list and nobody could do anything until the farmer is out.And I wanted this sale.Do I have a case against the agency for mishandling the contract??? or the buyer for performance of contract that my agent never got back??? Poor farmer does not know who to pay? And we had a good working relationship that has now been stressed not because of me but what could happen again.

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