condotel using homepath program


Does anyone finance non-warrantable condos or condotels through the Homepath program?


First and foremost, the only properties eligible for Home Path financing are those on Not aware that Fannie Mae owns any condotels or non warrantable condos, guessing the answer to your question is no.

Answered over 3 years ago
Ted Rood
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If you can fine the property on and the property has either the HomePath or HomePath Reno logo in the details section then it can be financed with a HomePath loan. If you cannot do the above then the answer is no, as Ted stated only properties on the site can financed with that program.

Answered about 3 years ago
about 3 years ago Summer Davis said:

Yes, they are listed on the HomePath website. My issue is that I have been unable to find any Lenders, Investors, etc. that will lend on a condotel or non warrantable condo using Homepath even though the properties are eligible. I have sources for Homepath as well as sources for condotels & non warrantables but need a source that will do together. Please post if you know of a source and I will contact you privately if you prefer. Thanks for any help.

about 3 years ago Jason Anker said:

@Summer Davis What state is the property in? Sounds like you’re dealing with overlays and not a direct to fannie HomePath lender. We’re fannie direct so we’d fund anything they would buy.

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