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I am putting together a business plan for a Mortgage Bank I am interested in working for. They want to open a satellite office and would like me to put together my vision. I have some great ideas…my question is about the format.

I was thinking 1 to 2 pages. Detailed but brief and to the point. Covering marketing ideas & production goals. Any thoughts on the format or certain subjects you would like to see covered if you were reviewing such plan. Thanks!


Yeah, think I’d make it more bullet points for discussion rather than a full fledged treatise on every single facet of your plan. More like a resume than a doctoral dissertation. I am sure they’d like to know where your business comes from, and how you think working with them would improve your production.

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Ted Rood
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Hi Steve,

Yes, short and to the point is best especially if they are looking at several candiates. Usually it centers heavily on your volume and who you may want to bring aboard with you, then your experience and back ground plus your plan for the branch. Once interested your interview and in person meeting is going to really determine the final outcome. My company, like others, is also expanding, you may want to take a peek at Perl Mortgage, we have a small ad on the National Real Estate post or I can send you information directly if you are interested in just seeing another banks format. My contact info is on my profile (based out of Chicago, 26 states currently licensed. Mortgage Banker & Broker, direct to Freddie & Fannie, etc..the owners are also originators, in house UW, we can UW 6 Jumbo lenders in house as well, and so much more.)

Thanks, Dan

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